I was approached by Clare Langdon at Clare Langdon Interiors in Cranbrook with an idea to make a series of bookcases to house her collection of material pattern books. This former blacksmiths forge had the advantage of having firstly a reasonably flat solid floor and secondly a long recently installed plaster board wall. The other requirement was to provide some kind of division between the front area with the window display, seating area and the display section behind.

Initial Visit

With the design worked out and approved by Clare work began on the  ‘L’ shaped shelving unit. The plinth was constructed from 6″ x 2″ European redwood to take the weight and was pre-scribed to the floor before finishing. The furniture was constructed in 18mm board which was lipped on the edges ready for machining the mouldings. Tulipwood ( American poplar) was used for the edges and mouldings. The units were made in sections and finished in the workshop and then assembled on site. The stunning colour chosen by Clare is F&B Down Pipe mixed up specially for the spray paint finish.

Once painted the various sections were delivered, the first day went particularly well with the base sections and right hand sides in place. This allowed me to measure up the false wall in order to prepare the stud work and get the plaster board precut to size and by this time Clare was getting quite excited. The next day was preparation in the workshop for the end wall and then back on site more assembly with pieces being scribed to the wall (even flat walls need the furniture to be trimmed to fit on occasions).

The third day had all the units and trims fitted and screwed into place. The second plaster board was fitted and the hand made skirting board to match existing was glued into place awaiting the decorators to fill holes and work their magic. The final pieces of the jigsaw were the two top mouldings.

I must say I was very well looked after by Clare and her team of ladies with frothy coffee and cakes together with the odd lift with the pieces.

The two corner shelves were just a little too snug so they were trimmed and refinished and returned a couple of days later.

I look forward to posting a couple more pictures with the area beautifully decorated by Clare.

Clare Langdon Interiors

Association House, St Davids Bridge, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HL

01580 712209